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Alulite Aluminum Stages

A Lifetime of Flawless Performance…

Perform on the highest quality portable staging that exists with Alulite Stages..® . Aircraft-grade aluminum staging supports an astounding 250 pounds per square foot. Select a durable black non-skid finish or midnight
black carpet. Even after exposure to blistering sun and torrential downpours, Alulite Stages.. ® show no signs of fading or deterioration. is a nationwide distributor of Alulite Aluminum Stages and deep-discount these Alulite Aluminum Stages & Accessories. And if that isn’t enough, we promise to match or beat any current published price…

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Alulite Aluminum Stage FAQS

Where are my stage legs?

…Stage legs are stored underneath the stage deck for convenience of storage.

How do the legs attach to the stage?

…Invert stage deck and insert and tighten legs with eye bolts.

Which steps accommodate which stage heights?

…The 2-Step stairs accommodate 16″-24″ legs, and the 3-step stair accommodates 24″-32″ leg heights.

What lengths do railings come in?

…Rails come in 4′ sections. Custom sizes are available.

How do you attach 2 stage decks together?

…Gang stages together with the slide key.

How many feet per person should I allow on choral risers?

…Allow 2′ per person.

Can these stages be used indoors and outdoors?

…Yes, they can be used in both settings, but carpet should not be in weather for a prolonged period of time.

What is a non-skid surface?

…Non-skid is a textured black powder-coat paint.

Can you get a different color carpet other than standard black?

…Yes, but with a fee.

How do you use storage cart conversion kits?

…Replace the legs of one stage deck with the casters (this becomes the storage truck). Stack remaining stage decks on top and use ratchet strap to secure stage platforms to storage truck.

Can you have chair railing and chair stops?

…Yes, chair stops come standard on the railings.

Can skirting be used on the stage?

…Yes, all stages come standard with Velcro edges to attach skirting.

Will my stage deck rot?

…No, stages are constructed entirely of aluminum and will not rot or rust.

Aluminum Stages for Auditoriums & Conference Centers