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Desks on the National Mall

Last week, all eyes were on the National Mall and the 857 desks that layered the grass surrounding the Washington Monument. Members of the College Board organization were making a point to the public and the presidential candidates. According to the New York Times, who highlighted this story, “Each desk represents one of the 857 students who drop out of high school in the United States every single hour, every single school day.” Those numbers came under criticism by the end of the week, since the stats over at our nation’s Department of Education would suggest the count is closer to 480. But let’s admit that even 480 students dropping out every hour is deserving of our attention.

Perhaps most intriguing about the demonstration, which turned this oft ignored data into something visual, is that these were real, physical desks that represent the very image of our nation’s children working and studying for seven to eight hours, five days a week. When we imagine setting up an office, we expect our desks to be sturdy and unobtrusive. Why shouldn’t classroom furniture be just as reliable?

Virco Desks offer exactly that. Consider the Virco 785 Open Front Desk. At eighteen inches deep, twenty four inches wide, and four and a half feet high, the Virco 785 Open Front Desk represents the best and one of the most popular pieces of school furniture in use. Elementary kids who rotate classes from room to room can leave their books and journals on one side of a desk to share the space with other students on their rotation. The desk generally retails at $152.00, but with orders of 412 or more, that price drops to $45.07 per desk.

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