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The Virtues Behind the Virco Product Line

Julian Virtue parted ways with his brother, Philip, in 1950 after the two had run a very successful furniture company through the weakest days of the Great Depression and the hardest years of World War II. Why they parted ways, no one seems to know, but Julian was ambitious and wanted an opportunity to build something a little more unique. Soon after their separation, the Virco Manufacturing Company was formed, having already acquired a fairly large client with the Los Angeles School Board. Although Julian attempted to move into other aspects of the furniture industry (he and his brother had dropped out of high school in the Roaring Twenties), the market for school furniture was ever-increasing. By the time his son, Robert, officially joined the team in late 1950s, Virco was well on its way to becoming an industry leader and there was no looking back.

Today, Robert Virtue has taken the reigns of his father’s company (Julian passed away in December 1991), operating as the Chairman, CEO, and Vice President of Operations for the highly successful manufacturer of school and classroom furniture. offers budget-friendly discounts of up to 73% off any list price of Virco classroom products.

Virco has a 72 Page Catalog, with plenty of information about classroom furniture, color palettes, chairs, tables, manufacturing, and a streamlined Quick Ship process. If your school is planning to introduce a large number of auditorium presentations over the next several years, consider investing in the Virco Core-a-Gator Rectangular Tables.

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