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Virco Mobile Cabinets

Struggling to organize those odds and ends from your classroom? Need to a place to grab them on the fly without intruding on the limited space you can’t afford to lose? There’s nothing better than the Virco Mobile Cabinet.

Three heights, 36 in, 66 in, and 72 in, are available with thermofused melamine panel surfaces. Melamine surfaces are chemically designed to provide a level of fire retardant security to educators who manage safety as a first priority when organizing and purchasing classroom furniture. Additionally, the Virco Mobile Cabinet offers multiple shelf configurations that students may find useful for notebook and textbook storage (if desk space is limited). Various compartments may be suitable for primary teachers, but for those teachers and students who engage in the more artistic brand of education, the Virco Mobile Cabinet has the potential to be a storage unit for oversized projects and art assignments.

Space Saving School Furniture is becoming an unspoken trend from district to district, with many teachers swearing by their mobile storage units. If you are an educator, a principal, or a district advisor and you’ve considered purchasing these types of units for your team or your school, offers budget-friendly discounts of up to 73% off any list price of Virco school furniture.

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