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Virco’s Martest 21 Chair Desks

When it comes to the classroom environment, high school students want comfort and convenience (and maybe a few good grades for showing up). Their wishes are not unlike those of adults, who have living rooms, dining rooms, and offices with furniture that shares the same goal of comfort and convenience. Virco has a simple and affordable solution for the desires of our secondary teachers and students.

The Martest 21 Chair Desks are designed to be incredibly strong with long lasting color, steel frames, and a steel book rack underneath. Martest 21 refers to a surface of extremely durable resin plastic constructed so that it resists warping, fading, or chipping of seats. In other words, these are chairs that will stay sturdy for years to come.

Your options for the Martest 21 Chair Desk are Model 3700BR, which features a tablet arm to cut down on space issues, Model 3400BR, with a wider desk surface, and Model 3400LABR, that offers a full-length arm support. Additionally, for those who want to provide desks with more flexible usability, Model 3640BR has sled based seating where students can enter the chair from either side. For all of the models, the strength of the Martest 21 Chair Desk begins with a steel back support, ensuring the stability and sturdiness of the product.

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