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The Virco Computer Island

When we think of a computer lab, the images that come to mind almost always include something we take for granted: the tables. The average weight of a desktop computer is approximately 20-30 pounds, with plenty of cords and wires for children, especially those in primary grades, to trip over. In order to provide confidence and the assurance that the machines won’t topple and the cords can be nicely tucked away from the legs of children, Virco offers the 6 Student Future Access Series Computer Island.

The Island is incredibly unique in that it reconstructs the entire dynamic of your computer lab. Instead of rows facing forward (which modern educators shy away from doing with their classroom furniture), this would create a more community oriented setting for students to work. With standardized testing that has gradually made its way from paper-pencil to online data entry, students have been asked now to take examinations on the computer, creating a veritable nightmare for teachers who must monitor every eye to ensure that no one is looking at their neighbor’s entry. With the Computer Island, your entire philosophy behind school furniture will begin to change with this small, but significant alteration to your instructional environment.

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