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Calling all Science Teachers!

Whether you’re Walter White (FX’s Breaking Bad) or Joe Average, the Science Guy, our elementary, middle, and high school students almost always get a kick out of learning or seeing science in action. Ask a fourth grade child what their favorite subject is in school and explain to them that lunch is not one of their options. More often than not, you’ll get a trend of science lovers. And why? Because kids love to learn visually through demonstrations and hands-on experiments. Granted, we wish they’d feel the same away about all the other subjects, but science has a unique way of grabbing our attention, especially when teachers pull out the vinegar and baking soda to introduce second and third graders to their first example of a chemical reaction.

So it goes with science. Messes, chemicals, and dangers galore. If this is the case, why have a substandard table for science demonstrations when you can and should have the best? Virco offers a steel frame science table with a durable Chemsurf high pressure laminate surface that’s both chemical and acid resistant. Adjustable legs and a sturdy design rounds out this top level item from Virco’s ever growing product line.

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