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Holbrook: The Man Behind the Chair

Right now, one of the hottest selling chairs at Virco is the 16″ Computer Chair from the Richard Holbrook IQ Series. Built as a flexible plastic bucket with lumbar support and casters, these comfortable chairs are designed like the shell seat that introduced yesterday. But just who is Richard Holbrook and what spawned the genesis of his IQ Series?

Holbrook is an avid horse rider who has come to understand the process of German breeding methods and, thereby, German engineering. “The Germans breed for performance,” he says, “rather than pure bloodlines. They’ll add a plow horse to the line if they think it’ll improve the jumping ability.”

Philosophically, Holbrook takes this into his design of absolutely everything. After graduating from Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design in 1981, Holbrook started expanding his portfolio to include everything from kitchen appliances to fitness equipment. Thankfully, he branched into the world of school furniture and seating along the way. Believing that customers want a useful product over a beautiful product, Holbrook focuses on both, utilizing a ‘less is more’ approach to design. While having a product that looks nice is advantageous for aesthetic reasons, users want a product that has a satisfying and fulfilling structure as well. And that’s what you get with the IQ Series from Virco.

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