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Putting the Science within the Furniture

Virco doesn’t mess around when it comes to the quality of school furniture. And when they get to work on classroom furniture for use in the science lab, there is an entirely new level of quality. Why not, right? If a science lab is going to have chemical compounds being mixed by amateur students, why not have the furniture designed with some of the strongest chemicals available? After all, educators and their students need the confidence with which to work, right?

Take the Science Lab Service Island, for example. Along the top is a worksurface made with solid epoxy resin. To fully understand the strength of epoxy, you’d have to attend a few high school science classes (see where this is going?), but let’s pretend we aren’t experts for a moment.

Epoxy resin is born from a chemical reaction between epoxide and polyamine, producing a structural adhesive for use in the construction of everything from aircraft and automobiles to boats and snowboards. Experts have said that epoxy adhesives are better equipped to deal with heat and chemical resistance. Sound familiar?

Virco makes an investment into their science lab and classroom furniture products. Consider investing into the Virco name today.

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