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Discovering an Underground Science Lab

On Saturday, July 14, the Sanford Underground Lab in North Dakota, known as DUSEL (Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory), will be hosting its fifth annual science festival some 5,000 feet below the earth’s surface. Children and adults are invited to hear scientists discuss their research in cosmic rays and dark matter. And while this may seem a little too advanced for the youth, let’s not underestimate their potential. The scientists of DUSEL certainly haven’t. In fact, there will be activities and experiments for children of all ages, hopefully encouraging the scientific minds of our next generation.

When science teachers prepare for the year, they have an already difficult challenge of reaching students whose interest in the subject has been waning over the last several decades. In order to counter that potential, teachers equip themselves with classroom furniture and materials that will, like DUSEL, make the world of science more intriguing. One piece of school furniture that seems to garner attention from instructors is the Tote Tray and Shelving Cabinet. Designed with solid oak and reaching seven feet tall, this mammoth shelf is most ideal for storing beakers, clay, and an assortment of small tools that come in handy for students in the classroom (magnifying glasses, rulers, etc). Students will be returning before you know it, so consider making this smart investment today.

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