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California Setting the Standard on Classroom Furniture

Last month, California Governor Jerry Brown made an executive order to revise a 40 year old regulation on toxic flame retardants that furniture makers were required to put on many of their products. The problem, as it turned out, was that the chemicals being used to create flame retardant products have gradually been linked to some serious health problems in children throughout the United States. Many of the best furniture makers, including Virco, have a home base in the great State of California, and have expressed their fervent support of the governor’s mandate. Virco, for example, takes great pride in the quality of school furniture they put on the market and designers work tirelessly to ensure their clients are satisfied in every respect.

Andy Counts, CEO of a California furniture business, said, “We’re not only concerned about the emerging science, but the court of public opinion on the issue.” And when it comes to classroom furniture, there can be no higher responsibility than the welfare of the children who use these chemical surfaces regularly.

In a science classroom, one of the most common flame retardant materials is Epoxy Resin, as mentioned last week. Epoxy alone can have harmful effects, but a product with resin will rarely, if ever, cause problems. Products like the Science Lab Accessory Countertop are commonly found in science labs across the United States. The Countertop has a solid epoxy resin, which provides much of the necessary safety our parents and schools need.

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