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Olympic Games and a Lab Hand for Science?

Calling all science teachers! As you set up your rooms and prepare for the new year, take a quick break and consider the Summer Olympics in London. No doubt you’ve probably heard a few of your students ask, “Why are we doing this?” or “Why does any of this matter?” The fact is, today’s children live in the present. They want to see the evidence of science working in the real world or it has very little meaning for them.

“Sports is a laboratory for science,” says Adrian Bejan, a professor of mechanical engineering from Duke University. “Everyone is interested in knowing the secret to outstanding performance, and the secret is science.” And lately, it’s the technology experts, the engineers, and the scientists who discover ways for athletes to up the ante in the Olympics.

Find ways to introduce your students to the power of relevant science. If your school has already invested into laptops (as many are), you can take your science lab to the next level with Lab Hand Assemblies as part of your classroom furniture list. These remarkable lab hands allow your students to continue working on their experiments, but with the freedom to look back and forth at their notes, your notes, or those complicated instructions via the web. When your principal sees a science room with lab hands, she’ll start thinking of other ways to improve the overall approach to school furniture.

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