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Take a Stool and See Through the Looking Glass

Imagine seeing new moons and stars that no one else has discovered. Imagine being the first scientist to open up a door to new worlds. And all through the lens of a telescope built right here on earth. If you can get your hands on the Lowell Observatory’s new Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT), a $53 million product, you might just find those possibilities come to life. The DCT is a 4.3 meter, 14 foot telescope that reaches seven stories atop a cinder cone and rests 45 miles southeast of Flagstaff, Arizona. According to reports, the DCT is the fifth largest telescope in the country, providing between 16 and 36 megapixel views through a Large Monolithic Imager.

So while your students are waiting for their chance to use such a massive science instrument like the DCT, how about introducing them to the discoveries that come from looking through more simple microscopes and telescopes. And while they’re learning, why not have them sit in one of the most traditional, but comfortable science lab stools.

These Heavy Duty Steel Stools are made of 7/8″ o.d., 18 gauge steel tubing in 3 fixed and 3 adjustable height sizes with an optional backrest. The seat is a full 14″ diameter with an 11 1/2″ diameter masonite board recessed into the seatpan and will not chip or crack. 5/8″ o.d. Footrings are welded to each leg, with 4 contact points at each leg for added rigidity. The optional Backrest is 6″ High and 12″ wide and adjusts up/down and forward/back. The adjustable height models feature chrome plated inserts and Tilt swivel glides.

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