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For years, scientists have been looking for a way to create use computational biology to replicate the model of a biological organism through some kind of software. And until recently, that objective has consistently fallen short. Then finally, a research team from Stanford created an algorithm to achieve the construct, taking into account all the various, molecular interactions that may or may not take place within an organism. What does all this mean? For most of us, probably nothing. But it does open up the door of science media, reminding those more traditional teachers that their students are computer-oriented and to make science relevant, science education needs to utilize every reasonable software possible to intrigue the minds of our next generation.

As you add to your science computers with software, screens, printers and much, much more, start consolidating those tools in a simple, but easy to use cabinet from This unique mobile media cabinet allows the user to store, move and use many electronic devices at one time. The unit has ample storage with two dovetailed drawers and cabinets with adjustable shelves for projectors, printers, laptops, PCUs and other general supply items. The 1″ phenolic top is both chemical resistant and easy to clean. The top has a cutout section (21.75″Wx17.25″D) where a monitor can be attached to a flat panel monitor arm. A monitor (not included) can adjust to be exposed above the cabinet, or used in the cabinet and seen through a Plexiglas panel that fits over the opening. A phenolic panel is also included for times when the monitor is not needed. The unit includes a pullout keyboard tray, 2 data ports, an extension cord, a duplex outlet and an inlet plug. On the backside of the unit, doors provide access to a power-strip, which has 8 outlets. Throughout the unit there are holes for running cables to the appropriate areas. Venting is cleverly disguised in the bottom of the unit. This is constructed of solid oak and oak veneers with a chemical resistant, earth-friendly UV finish.

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