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NASA and the Riser Tables

Almost exactly one year ago, adults and children throughout the country sat and watched as the Space Shuttle Atlantis landed safely at its port inside of the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Everyone knew that this was the end of federally sponsored space travel. By most accounts, the perception was that NASA had pretty much gone out of business. What else can NASA do if they aren’t sending shuttles and teachers to the moon? Well, quite a bit as it turns out. NASA still manages most of the satellites in orbit, meaning that the globe is still being monitored for unusual activity. And earlier this month, one such activity took place.

Three of the monitored satellites caused NASA scientists to shutter when they noticed the entire sheet of Greenland (a nation almost wholly established on ice) had started to melt to a greater extent than ever before. Normally there is a little bit of melting that happens in the summer, but not as flashes of melted ice in large areas. And alas, the conversation over global warming was reignited.

Students take a tremendous interest in the world around them and science is the means by which a classroom can help the children of our next generation to understand that world. As the school year heats up (pardon the pun), get your kids around a riser table and lay out a topographical map of Greenland. Show them what it means for a large mass of the country to melt. Remind them that NASA is still very hard at work. And before we forget, make sure the classroom furniture you use to gather your students around is chemically safe.

Science Lab Tables with Risers have a Chemguard Chemical Resistant Laminate Worksurface for Elementary and Middle School Classrooms. This table has everything you could want. It adjusts easily from 27″ to 39″H in 2 cm increments in less than 30 seconds without the use of tools. Its apron is solid oak and finished with a chemical resistant finish. It has a riser that provides extra workspace for each person to put his or her tools or laptop. The table has three top options: plastic laminate, chemical resistant laminate and phenolic resin. The riser’s horizontal surface matches your choice of top surface. The 12″D riser is supported by six 1″ diameter powder coated steel tubes. The riser is 10″ above the table surface. Tabletop measures 30″D x 60″W.

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