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Mirror, Mirror, on the Oak

With all the summer films based on the story of Snow White (Mirror, Mirror as well as Snow White and the Huntsman come to mind), perhaps it’s only fitting that our readers and teachers take a look at the use of heavy duty mirrors in their science lab. Adding this resource to your classroom furniture will not only enhance your ability to teach light reflection and magnification, but students will also see that the lab is a place for more than just complex chemical reactions. If you run an elementary school science lab, try setting up a large mirror in the front of the room and placing a specified object in the back of the room, then ask your students to find that specific object using only the mirror, describing its location and positional relationship to other objects nearby.

Mirror for Mobile Demonstration Units offer a shatter resistant acrylic mirror, enclosed in a solid oak frame. The mirror easily mounts on 1/2″ diameter crossbars (not included), can be tilted to any angle and is held secure with nylon screws in the mounting brackets. The Combination Mirror and Markerboard can be tilted to any angle or completely reversed while the demonstration is in progress. The unit is framed with solid oak and mounts on 1/2″ diameter crossbars found in most upright sets. Like the Mirror for Mobile Demonstration Unit, the Combination Mirror and Markerboard is held secure at any angle by nylon screws in the frame.

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