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From a Meteor Shower to a Clean Up Sink

The Perseid Meteor Shower has its greatest activity between August 9 and August 14, and those living in the Northern Hemisphere (let’s just call it the upper half of the globe) will have a front row seat. Since the earth is tilted on its axis, the best view comes during the hours just before dawn. Andrew Yee, who represents the Weather Network, describes this phenomenon and why we happen to get such a good view of the shower:

“When the Earth comes close to — or plows through — the comet dust debris, dust particles fall into the Earth’s atmosphere and burn up completely.”

So if you’re looking up and happen to get hit by falling debris (don’t worry, you won’t), then it wasn’t the Perseid Meteor Shower. And science teachers, the time is nearing that your classrooms should be in order and you should have the best school furniture for you and your students. Chances are, your students will start the year with a lot of questions.

Consider a one piece top including sink, molded of polyolefin. The long grooved sloping counter leads to a large sink in the center. Polyolefin is easy to clean, and is highly impact resistant to reduce glassware breakage. The low temperature strength eliminates cracking with dry ice. Sink measures 24.5”W x 18.5”D x 14”H. Unit includes a hot and cold water mixing faucet. The cabinet base is constructed of hardwood and oak veneers. Two adjustable shelves can be found inside the outer cabinets. The Clean Up Sink includes pulls, locks and rubber base molding.

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