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Half-Moon Tables for Small Group Instruction

Small Group Instruction is now a common practice in schools across the United States and abroad. What it means is that after teachers introduce a lesson to the whole class, students are divided into smaller groups where they learn the same content through a slightly more concentrated or hands-on approach. For a 1st Grade lesson on telling time, the teacher might speak to all of her 16 students as a whole, then split them into groups of 4. One group meets with their teacher to study the lesson with more of an opportunity to ask questions, another group practices the lesson independently on a computer, and the other two groups practice telling time with model clocks. Everyone gets the benefit of learning to work within groups of a learning environment designed to better assist with creative instruction.

For the small groups that meet with their teacher, many educators have become accustomed to a half-moon shaped table that allows the children to work in a circular, cohesive team. Virco offers several of these tables. For example, the colorful 4000 Series Primary Collection™ preschool activity tables are available in eight popular shapes and sizes, with Fusion Maple or Grey Nebula high-pressure laminate surfaces and an array of edge banding colors. Top height adjusts from 17″ to 25″ in one-inch increments.

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