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Educate the Mind, Preserve the Body with a ZUMA Chair

The results are in: education does a body good. According to a recent study in Health Affairs journal, the more educated a person is, the longer they are likely to live. As the study says, “education exerts its direct beneficial effects on health through the adoption of healthier lifestyles, better ability to cope with stress, and more effective management of chronic diseases.” If you are an educator, then this adds even more credibility to your profession, knowing that you provide a service not only to the mental well-being, but the physical well-being of your students. When your students come back to school this month, give them the best seats around.

Reprising the flagship elements of original ZUMA® in sustainable materials, the beauty of our new ZUMAfrd™ cantilever chair is enhanced by 70% recycled content and a multi-generational service life. This is sculpture for the classroom, an elegant metamorphosis, a change for the better. Pick up the ZUMAfrd™ 4-leg chair and you’ll be reminded of the heft of solid oak. Equal in every way to the tradition of handcrafted wood furniture, this chair goes a step further by recycling wood that’s lost its structural utility. The active forces of compression molding– heat and pressure – are also the active forces of the earth’s most fundamental egenerative processes. When applied to igneous or sedimentary rocks, they yield a new form, metamorphics, that bears witness to the tumult that created them.

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