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As Education Costs Rise, School Furniture Prices Drop

There was a time when public education (through a state-run college or university) could be counted on as a cost-effective way to advance your career. Stop by a community college, look for a specialized program, then fill out an application and you’re practically in. But somewhere along the way, the cost of tuition for these so-called public universities rose at almost double-digit rates.

Needless to say, when these students start to feel the pinch on their budgets, they look around their campus and set their standards pretty high. In other words, if they’re going to pay such a high price for education, they expect the quality of their environment to match the money they’re spending. Fortunately, long before tuition became such a financial challenge for state residents, Virco was already in the business of selling great furniture at costs well below the average.

Check out the Virco Text Desk. Educators and administrators prefer a type of furniture that balances price, performance and style. They’ve been known to admit that this balance has proven hard to find in classroom tables, but now there’s a new Virco® furniture line that gives colleges and universities, as well as public and private schools, just what they’ve been looking for. Text™ gets the message! For optimum classroom performance, TEXT™ Series student desks by Peter Glass and Bob Mills combine style, function and durability. This single-student model has an adjustable 20″ x 27″ x 5/8″ Fortified Recycled Wood™ hard plastic work surface with a top height range of 26″ to 34″ and a spacious plastic book box.

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