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New Cafeteria Requirements Both Good, Bad

So you’ve talked to your children and your students about eating healthier. Eating more fruits. Eating more vegetables. Yet somewhere along the way, we end up giving them meals of convenience, suggesting that they eat their veggies, but giving up if they refuse. Well, somewhere along the way, school cafeterias caught onto the message, providing lunches that were high in calories and low on the scale of health and wellness. Word has it, that all ends now.

According to new federal regulations, schools are will lower the portions of meat and protein, creating a single alternative for children who wish to eat a little more: they can have as many fruits and vegetables as they’d like. The good thing, of course, is that parents can be assured their children are getting a healthy meal at school. The bad thing is that many parents will express frustration when students say they’ve come home hungry at the end of the day (for lack of protein). How this all pans out remains to be seen, but we can all be sure that children will want a comfortable place to eat those fruits and veggies.

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