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Virco UGlide Accessories Help Stop the Wobbling

Almost everyone seems to have an instinctual response to desks and chairs that wobble. We don’t like them. And more importantly, if we’re in a learning environment, we find them to be a tremendous distraction. Many times, the cause of wobbling tables and chairs in a school is that they are dragged from one place to another during the set up of the room by a teacher or even a janitor who cleans the classroom over the summer. Eventually, the legs of a desk, a chair, or a table will lose their alignment and start to wobble. Attentive teachers will go from desk to desk before the first day of school and check to see that their students will have a comfortable place to sit and learn.

The Virco UGLIDE Fixed Chair Glides from the Virco Zuma Series are beneficial for stabilizing those desks, chairs, and tables for their users, while also working on lab and task stools. An optional 5-pack of fixed glides is available for models ZLAB, ZTASK18, and ZTASK15. If you are an educator and haven’t checked the desks and chairs your students use during the day, take a few minutes and make sure there is very little wobbling. If you find there is a problem, the solution is easy. Order your Chair Glides from!

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