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Room Dividers for Educating Teachers

For elementary and secondary teachers, the most pressing demand of a classroom design, including the placement of classroom furniture, is to manage behavior. Any obstructions or barriers between the teacher’s line of sight becomes a safety risk for the students, since it is the teacher who is responsible for them at all times. They say the ability of a classroom teacher to see and remain aware of all movements in his/her room is called withitness. That being said, classrooms for higher education (colleges, graduate schools, trade schools) require a much less restrictive environment. For those who are studying to be teachers themselves, sometimes the post-secondary classroom needs a little shake-up.

In some cases, professors have been known to create mini-classrooms within the larger classroom. Using room dividers, these professors design three or four unique rooms where future educators can learn to work with an audience without the distraction of other people in the larger classroom. Such an idea is really taking off in higher education and the dividers themselves may become useful in other areas of elementary and secondary education as well. Consider the benefits.

WALLmountâ„¢ Room Dividers will provide multiple and variable sized class or work areas without the limitations and costs of ceiling mounted track systems. Each unit folds conveniently against the wall for storage and can be extended in any configuration to divide your space as required. Full length aluminum hinges add strength and stability throughout the entire divider. Additionally, these dividers include sound absorbing/tackable panels, six heights and six lengths, multiple fabric/vinyl styles and colors, powder painted metal panel trim, and various options.

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