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Arranging Classrooms Around the Blue Moon Phenomenon

On Friday, August 31, students and teachers alike should be encouraged to look in the sky and observe a rare phenomenon: the blue moon. As silly as it may seem, the blue moon is not, technically, blue. At least, not any more blue than the other moons. So what is the blue moon phenomenon?

Turns out, our moon–the one praise Neil Armstrong for walking on–has an orbit that doesn’t quite jive with our rolling calendar of 365 solar days. And every once in a while, we get two full moons in a single month. A complete rarity, but it does happen from time to time. Hence the phrase, once in a blue moon. Our first one this month came on Wednesday, August 1. Science teachers, for sure, will be telling their students to keep an eye out for the moon. And elementary science teachers may even use this as an opportunity to teach young children how to make proper, scientific observations of the natural world, urging them to look up in the night sky and take notes on what they see.

When the students return after Labor Day, they’ll all have observations to share, so gather them in a circle surrounding the HP Laminate Round Table, a solid oak surface that comes highly recommended for general purpose and lower elementary science classrooms. All tables are equipped with non-skid adjustable glides for precise leveling and rubber leg boots. Standard height is 30″. Tops are screwed to the tops at the factory.

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