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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Spread Out with TEXT Series Seminar Tables

For the science teachers who find that their students are too cramped and compact in their traditional desks, Virco has a popular new product on the market to encourage learners to spread out. The TEXT Series Seminar Tables are said to “combine elliptical legs, swooping yokes and arched feet with heavy-gauge tubular steel and proven […]

Protect Your Students from Two of the Most Common Eye Injuries

Since the time we were children, we’ve been reminded over and over to wash our hands after getting them dirty. And the main reason, especially for the littlest of children, as that they might end up rubbing their eyes with dust, sand, or some other foreign body. The scratched eye, also known as a corneal […]

New Science Tables Available

Gone are the days when tables were just tables and furniture was just furniture. Somewhere along the way, innovators changed the way we think about all everything related to furniture. First, it was the rising coffee table with springs and a lift, so that couch dwellers didn’t have to go grab a conventional TV Tray. […]

Featuring the Peninsula Lab with Powder Coating

Peninsula Science Lab Workstations are a model 3519KF-L 4-Student area with an option for sinks and fixtures. The standard wall portion measures 96″ Wide x 12″ Deep. The Peninsula Extends 96” with an overall perimeter at 110″ Deep x 96” Wide x 36” High, including the Powder-Coated Top. This unique left-side room oriented L-shaped unit […]

Lab Stools and Footrings

Now don’t get the wrong idea. When we say ‘footrings’, we don’t mean toe rings and decorative foot ornaments. We mean the ergonomic feature at the bottom of modern lab stools; a place where science teachers and substitutes can rest their feet while comfortably seated and giving instruction. Classroom Furniture has quite a few lab […]

Recalling an Image from September 11

For all Americans, September 11 brings to mind any number of powerful images. Whether it’s the shot of First Responders lifting the American flag, or President Bush going impromptu on the loudspeaker, or even the photograph of Congress joined together to sing our national anthem in unison. But one that comes to mind for Classroom […]

Everything Stops for a Spider

Over the weekend, construction workers in San Antonio were compelled by science and legal requirements to put the brakes on their highway project. As it turned out, one of the rarest spiders in the world was spotted in the road, causing everyone to wonder if there were more under the surface. The cicuruina vespera, known […]

Mobile Fume Hood Stations Rising in Popularity

Over the years, high school science labs have become a place for great innovation and instruction, while teachers themselves have spent a considerable amount of time focusing on how to ensure their labs are a safe place for students to learn. Much of science involves the use of chemicals, fumes, and vapors that can be […]

Preschoolers Motivated to Meet Gabby Douglas

This week in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Democratic National Convention will be held, ushering in the official nomination of Barack Obama to a second term. But the existence of the president in Charlotte may be slightly overshadowed in the eyes of preschool gymnasts. As it turns out, Gabby Douglas, the 17-year-old Olympic gold medalist, was […]

Josie Leavitt, Eric Carle, and Picture Book Shelving

Josie Leavitt is a co-owner of The Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne, Vermont. On a regular basis, Josie rearranges the picture books from a turntable shelf in the window that will either draw visitors’ attention or leave them wanting more. Right now, of course, Josie continues to focus on picture books that include fall colors […]