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Mobile Fume Hood Stations Rising in Popularity

Over the years, high school science labs have become a place for great innovation and instruction, while teachers themselves have spent a considerable amount of time focusing on how to ensure their labs are a safe place for students to learn. Much of science involves the use of chemicals, fumes, and vapors that can be dangerous if not well contained. Experts from Brown University recently explained the benefits of a powerful fume hood station as part of the lab’s classroom furniture.

“The purpose of a laboratory fume hood or ventilated work station is to prevent or minimize the escape of contaminants from the hood back into the laboratory. Successful performance depends primarily on the adequate and even velocity of air moving through the hood. The hood is adversely affected by cross-drafts, thermal load, and obstructions of the hood sash. For complete protection, the hood user must avoid procedures that interfere with good hood performance.”

Now you can perform a demonstration in the science lab with the Mobile Fume-Hood Station from Diversified Woodcrafts. With an all-inclusive filter that handles solids, liquids and gasses, this mobile fume-hood station is suitable for any science experiment. The ductless design is energy-efficient, and plugs into an ordinary electrical outlet for ultimate flexibility. A thick acrylic enclosure surrounds the fume hood area, allowing close observation while staying out of harm’s way. Metallic parts are made from an anti-corrosion metallic alloy coated with a thermo-hardened, anti-acid polymer. Durable and attractive oak cabinet has casters and side handles for easy mobility. Two drawers, a pull-out shelf and one adjustable shelf are all lined with chemical liner to provide handy, safe storage within the mobile fume-hood station. An external light-fixture, air-flow meter, flow monitor, sampling port, energy ports, programmable timer and one filter are all included.

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