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Everything Stops for a Spider

Over the weekend, construction workers in San Antonio were compelled by science and legal requirements to put the brakes on their highway project. As it turned out, one of the rarest spiders in the world was spotted in the road, causing everyone to wonder if there were more under the surface. The cicuruina vespera, known in the area as Canyon Bat Cave meshweaver, is unique to San Antonio and Bexar County. According to a local biologist and environmentalist, the spider was spotted after a rainstorm when the median exposed a six foot hole. Since this eyeless spider landed on the federal endangered species list in 2000, any further construction in the area would devastate their already fragile habitat.

The actions in San Antonio are not unlike the kinds of things that happen in a science classroom. For example, when a spider, a lizard, or a fly come through the elementary science lab, everything stops. The girls scream. The boys try to catch it. And the teacher views this as a teaching moment, an opportunity to let the children make observations about the characteristics of a bug or an animal out of its regular habitat.

Round Science Lab Tables are made with Solid Oak and provide a great place for circling students around a central observation. At 48″ Round x 30″ High, these HP Plastic Laminate Worksurfaces are recommended for General Purpose and Lower Elementary Science Classrooms. Legs and aprons are constructed of solid red oak and are smoothly machined and finished with acrylic finish. Aprons are constructed of solid oak and are 13/16″D x 4-1/2″H with heavy-duty 13 gauge steel corner braces. 2-1/4″ square oak legs with 5/16″ hanger bolts installed are attached to apron with nuts and washers supplied. All tables are equipped with non-skid adjustable glides for precies leveling and rubber leg boots. Standard height is 30″. Tops are screwed to the tops at the factory.

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