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Recalling an Image from September 11

For all Americans, September 11 brings to mind any number of powerful images. Whether it’s the shot of First Responders lifting the American flag, or President Bush going impromptu on the loudspeaker, or even the photograph of Congress joined together to sing our national anthem in unison. But one that comes to mind for Classroom Furniture is the image with President Bush in a Florida classroom. The children are all seated with their chairs facing his general direction, then Bush receives the news. Although much was made about the lack of reaction from the president, the children who were there have said that on a day of great terror, the calm demeanor of the president made them feel safe.

Ms. Daniels, who had been sitting in the front of the room, recalls: “I had 16 little ones sitting in front of me, the media in the back of the classroom, and I had to keep going.”

Of particular notice, perhaps of little grand significance, is that the children were seated in what is still considered an incredibly popular chair. We believe they were seated in Virco 9018 Chairs, designed with a 18″ seat height. This Virco brand was and is a stackable Chair with a soft plastic shell and a steel back support.

Today, eleven years after that fateful hour, we at Classroom Furniture remember Patriot Day with great reverence. May we never forget the sacrifice of those who gave and those who still give of their lives for the future of our great nation.

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