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New Science Tables Available

Gone are the days when tables were just tables and furniture was just furniture. Somewhere along the way, innovators changed the way we think about all everything related to furniture. First, it was the rising coffee table with springs and a lift, so that couch dwellers didn’t have to go grab a conventional TV Tray. Instead, they could merely ‘lift’ their coffee table to a reasonable level and start eating dinner. Now, those same intellectual minds have brought genius to the science lab.

Imagine trying to conduct an experiment on gravity, or teaching your children about the slope of an angle, but instead of having to get a ramp or an actual slope, you simply lower the legs of your demonstration table. Walla! You’ve now drawn attention to a rather simple, overdue, and yet brilliant innovation in classroom furniture. As it turns out, you can actually have something like this right now at an affordable price.

These new Science Tables are ADA Compliant, 54″ Wide x 24″ Deep, with an Adjustable Height of 27″ to 39″. The ChemGuard Chemical Resistant Laminate Worksurface are for Elementary & Middle School Science Classrooms. This amazing table‚Äôs height can be adjusted by one person without the use of tools in less than 30 seconds. Adjust only one end and you have an incline table for physics. Adjust to 27”H and use in elementary grades. Raise to 39”H for display work. Table adjusts in 1” increments from 27”H to 39”H. Table boosts a 500 lb. weight capacity. The 4-1/2”H solid oak frame with exposed metal corner braces compliment the powder coated legs with adjustable glides. 1-1/4” Plastic Laminate top.

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