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Protect Your Students from Two of the Most Common Eye Injuries

Since the time we were children, we’ve been reminded over and over to wash our hands after getting them dirty. And the main reason, especially for the littlest of children, as that they might end up rubbing their eyes with dust, sand, or some other foreign body. The scratched eye, also known as a corneal abrasion, is one of the most common eye injuries in the world. Not only are they uncomfortable, but the eyes will become sensitive to light, making it difficult to keep them open. More importantly, if the eye gets scratched even a little, this sensitive organ will suddenly become more vulnerable to infection. The other frightening, yet common eye injury is from a chemical burn, when acids or harmful substances splash up into the face, splattering the eye with unwanted liquid.

All the more reason to be massively cautious in the science lab. Science teachers, we know, are always looking for ways to keep their students safe while at the same time allowing them to explore, experiment, and investigate the things that will make them better scientists. SHAIN has an answer for eye protection.

SHAIN Safety Glasses require a 36-count minimum quantity order, but this should be expected. Every student in your classroom needs to have the same quality of protection. These durable planos feature adjustable temples, universal fit nose bridges and flat fold side shields.

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