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Searching Furniture for the Wolf Pack

Library and classroom furniture is often the most ignored characteristic of every learning environment. On an average day, we don’t notice the desks, the chairs, or the shelves until they disappoint us. But simply because we, the public, don’t always notice, doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who go to great lengths to make sure we have the best quality furniture available. Libraries in particular have worked incredibly hard to keep up with innovations and technology when it comes to the circulation desk.

Many students in the State of Washington are now searching their libraries to find out as much information as they can about a rare wolf pack that has just been eliminated by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife. These wolves, known as the Wedge Pack, were accused of attacking cattle and livestock, which inhibits the success of economically driven farmers, so the DFW fought hard for the right to annihilate the pack. High school and college students are greatly concerned about the condemnation of such wildlife, but wish to learn as much as they can about wolves in general. This brings students to the desk of circulation.

If you are a school librarian, you know that the circulation desk is where you assist, process, plan and sometimes even eat your lunch! This is where everyone comes with questions, expecting answers. It’s important for your circulation desk to look good and be built with exceptional quality, but it must also have utility for you to do your work with excellence. Russwood circulation desks offer you all this, and more!

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