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Like the Shuttle Endeavor, Everything Has a Place

Early last Friday morning, Los Angeles played host to a remarkable sight for its community. The Shuttle Endeavor, which will no longer be used by NASA, was returned to the birthplace of its original creation in Southern California. Eager spectators lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the massive spacecraft, moving at an absurdly low 2 miles an hour from the Los Angeles International Airport to the California Science Center, where the mayor believes it will be an inspiration to children and young adults throughout the region who need a symbol of innovation.

Watching Endeavor make its way to a state science center, viewers were reminded that everything has a home. Everything created has a place. The same is true of a classroom, managed by well organized teachers and staff members who equally recognize the need for each desk, each chair, each table, and each shelf to be situated in such a way as to convey some level of consistency for the children and teenagers who walk through the door. And after observing the environments we create for them, we hope they will find that each of their own possessions have a place.

This is where Penco Vanguard Lockers come in. At 12 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 36 inches high, these school lockers have a recessed door handle and are priced by the locker door. These lockers are ideal for storage of student books, athletic gear or employee personal storage. Each compartment can be locked with padlocks or built-in locks.

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