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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Makemake, the Dwarf Planets, and Adjustable Height Seating

Since the days of Galileo or even Einstein, there have been few major arguments in the field of astronomy than the demotion of Pluto into a category of Dwarf Planets, requiring all science textbooks to be altered for the up and coming generation of young scientists. But so much attention has been given to the […]

Virco Shares Another Reason to Be Thankful

Every year, right around Thanksgiving Break, teachers take a fresh look at the arrangement of the furniture in their classrooms. Perhaps a table could go here. Perhaps a desk should go there. Everything in the room has been used, but not everything in the room has worked out as well as the teacher planned at […]

Remembering Veterans, STEM, and the Future of Education

When President Eisenhower signed the Veterans Day Act of 1954, the new law commended all Americans to think of the day as a time to reflect on the many efforts of the U.S. Military to achieve World Peace. Of course, what most of us think about, specifically, are the beloved Americans who either currently serve […]

Flexible-Back Seating with Graceful Lines…

Virco 4-Leg Zuma Soft Plastic Chairs Soft Plastic Seating with Flexible Backrests for K-12 Schools & Colleges Best-selling ZUMA® 4-leg chairs give your students a comfortably flexible backrest; a wide, spacious seat; and a gently sloping waterfall front that’s easy on their legs. With 13”, 15” and 18” seat heights, these chairs provide effective furniture […]

New Single Release Mechanism from Virco

TEXT Tilt-Top Tables with Castersfor Colleges & Universities If you ask educators and administrators, it’s clear they prefer furniture that balances price, performance and style. They’ll also tell you this balance has proved hard to find in classroom tables. They’ll also tell you this balance has proved hard to find in classroom tables and student […]

Sleek, Quality, and Safety-Compliant Chairs from Virco

Every time we witness cantilever construction, it seems to defy common sense, but in reality, cantilevers are pure science at work. Barns, homes, buildings, and even aircrafts have been designed in such a way as to anchor all the weight on one end of a single beam, rather than evenly across multiple beams. Virco has […]