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Sleek, Quality, and Safety-Compliant Chairs from Virco

Every time we witness cantilever construction, it seems to defy common sense, but in reality, cantilevers are pure science at work. Barns, homes, buildings, and even aircrafts have been designed in such a way as to anchor all the weight on one end of a single beam, rather than evenly across multiple beams. Virco has taken this approach with their construction of sleek, quality, and safety-compliant cantilever chairs.

These chairs are not only comfortable, but they are built with an injection-molded plastic shell contain a special flame-retardant additive that comply with the Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Safety Code 527 CMR, Section 29. The code simply states that its purpose is “to prescribe minimum requirements and controls to safeguard life, property and public welfare from the hazards of fire and explosion created by the storage, handling or use of substances, materials or devices or from conditions hazardous to life, property and the public welfare.” Virco’s award-winning I.Q.® Series, Zuma ® Series and Metaphor ® Series, conceived by acclaimed designer Richard Holbrook, lets educators outfit K-12 environments, as well as colleges and universities, with supportive, attractive furniture that’s built to withstand the rigors of educational settings.

Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Safety Code 527 CMR, Section 29, is all about making sure that companies provide products that are in the best interest of their consumers. Virco has held this goal as part of their mantra since 1950, when they were called upon as a furniture supplier to Los Angeles area schools. Today, that vision has not changed. Virco works to provide the best for our students and educators will always benefit from stocking their classrooms with Virco Furniture.

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