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Remembering Veterans, STEM, and the Future of Education

When President Eisenhower signed the Veterans Day Act of 1954, the new law commended all Americans to think of the day as a time to reflect on the many efforts of the U.S. Military to achieve World Peace. Of course, what most of us think about, specifically, are the beloved Americans who either currently serve or have served in the United States Armed Forces. And rightly so. But one thing that our nation has been focusing on over the last several years is the reintegration of our veterans into the workforce through programs that teach them all of the STEM skills they may lack, despite high level training they received in the military. STEM learning involves the instruction of science, technology, engineering, and math; a familiar acronym to those in K12 Education programs around the country.

Science Lab Riser Tables are perfect for STEM projects. We’ve taken our popular oak and maple science tables and enhanced them by adding a riser. The table features solid oak or maple (your choice) aprons and riser supports finished with a chemical resistant finish. The riser provides 10″ of clearance above the work surface, is 12″D and made of the same material as the top you choose. Top options include: plastic laminate, chemical resistant laminate, phenolic resin and epoxy resin. 30″D and 36″D tables have the riser positioned at the back of the table. On 42″D tables the riser is centered on the table. All 72″W tables include leg braces and a stretcher for added strength. Tables stand 30″H. The top of the riser is 41″ from the floor.

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