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Makemake, the Dwarf Planets, and Adjustable Height Seating

Since the days of Galileo or even Einstein, there have been few major arguments in the field of astronomy than the demotion of Pluto into a category of Dwarf Planets, requiring all science textbooks to be altered for the up and coming generation of young scientists. But so much attention has been given to the status of Pluto that very little attention has been given to the other four worlds we call Dwarf Planets. At least, that is, in the media. Science teachers are having a field day introducing their students to every nuance and report that highlights a unique attribute of Ceres, Haumea, Eris, and Makemake.

Most recently, studies have shown that Makemake is roughly two thirds the size of Pluto and shaped slightly like an ellipsis. What was peculiar about this recent discovery was not as much the size or the shape, but the insistence that it appears to have absolutely no atmosphere. None.

Science teachers can find solace in this ongoing change by reminding themselves and their students that everything in science is up for debate and almost every theory is adjustable. Put them in an adjustable lab stool and you’ll be able to not only give them comfort in the lab, but use your classroom furniture as a simple way of teaching that basic lesson: that nothing has to stay the same.

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