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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Tis the Season for Choirs to Sing and Risers to Rise

Every December, we are greeted by the soft sounds of falling snow and holiday carols. A small group of singers on the sidewalk bring joy to the night sky while the neighborhood is lit up for the season. Across the country, children in each and every school are preparing to entertain parents and teachers with […]

When Tragedy Trumps Business

On Sunday night, President Obama appeared before yet another broken community faced with the tragedy of a school shooting second only to the incident at Virginia Tech in 2007. Last Friday morning, a 20-year old young man took the life of his mother, a teacher, then stole her guns, her car, and drove to her […]

Keeping Your Student Records Confidential

Benjamin Lewin, a middle school science teacher from Manhattan, is currently under investigation for allegedly displaying the confidential medical records of a student on a big screen projection in front of the class. Of course, Lewin says that the records were displayed unintentionally, but the student’s mother is deeply concerned and currently suing him for […]

Building Higher Education with Comfort

Over the last year, politicians have pitted themselves against one another on many social issues that may have once been taken for granted. For example, the baby boomer generation often worked tirelessly to ensure their children would have the chance to attend college, even if they themselves had never been able to do so. Why? […]