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Over the last year, politicians have pitted themselves against one another on many social issues that may have once been taken for granted. For example, the baby boomer generation often worked tirelessly to ensure their children would have the chance to attend college, even if they themselves had never been able to do so. Why? Because higher education has usually been seen as a means to achieve better paying jobs in the professional world. Yet there is a growing belief that even college itself is never a guarantee of successful employment or the longevity of a great career. Instead, some are now fighting for the right of trade schools to be seen on the same level as four year universities, since there are so many Americans who succeed and find incredible happiness by strengthening a skill, then using it to serve the community and their country.

Either way, whether it be a university, a junior college, a trade school, or even a specialized graduate program, the probability that more Americans will attend some kind of school after graduating from secondary is incredibly high. And the leaders of every post-secondary school are working daily to make their campus more welcoming.

Consider the Virco LGC2979 Sofa. At 79″ Long x 29″ Wide x 29″ High, the upholstered sofa has three seats and a wood frame. Virco’s casually elegant 5-piece lounge set lets you mix and match furniture items for reception areas, administrative settings and other environments. A sled-based coffee table features a hardwood frame, a hardwood veneer top and measures 52″W x 24″D x 16″H.

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