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When Tragedy Trumps Business

On Sunday night, President Obama appeared before yet another broken community faced with the tragedy of a school shooting second only to the incident at Virginia Tech in 2007. Last Friday morning, a 20-year old young man took the life of his mother, a teacher, then stole her guns, her car, and drove to her school where his intentions were almost unimaginable. Armed with four weapons and a horrifying agenda, Adam Lanza, forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School, shot several adults, and finally slaughtered the innocent lives of 20 first graders whose parents almost certainly believed their children were safe and secure.

No one could have predicted such an awful situation, but teachers and staff throughout the school were extremely prepared and well equipped to prevent even more children from losing their lives at the hands of a madman. One such teacher, Victoria Soto, has been described as one of the most heroic figures in Friday’s tragedy. With all of her children huddled safely away from the eyes of the shooter, Lanza entered the room and shot the teacher, leaving the children to escape unharmed. Some say she hid several of her students in the cabinets, but conflicting reports only indicate that her actions were enough to save the lives of nearly a dozen young children.

There will be a time for discussing the business of classroom furniture. But on this day, as students, staff, and teachers throughout the nation return to work for the first time since the shooting, our hearts and our prayers are with the families of the victims from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

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