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Tis the Season for Choirs to Sing and Risers to Rise

Every December, we are greeted by the soft sounds of falling snow and holiday carols. A small group of singers on the sidewalk bring joy to the night sky while the neighborhood is lit up for the season. Across the country, children in each and every school are preparing to entertain parents and teachers with the sound of their beautiful voices. Choral directors have been preparing the music, auditoriums are in the midst of being decorated, and chairs will soon be filled with adoring smiles.

One of the most ignored jobs of a music teacher is the difficult task of making each child’s face visible to the audience. They cannot simply have the students stacked in flat rows on a single surface. If the stage has a collection of lowered steps, then the children layer each row and their blushing red cheeks are easy to spread across the face of the theater. However, for smaller schools where cafeterias double as auditoriums, a staircase drop may or may not exist.

This is where Classroom Furniture comes in. We just lowered the cost of our Midwest TRANSCHOIR Transfold Choral Riser Set with three tapered sections. At 18 feet wide, 55 inches deep, and 70 inches high, the risers have a gas spring lift and built in wheels, able to hold between 36 and 48 full grown adults. If your school choir needs a boost on the stage, this choral riser set is now just $2,874.14! You’ll find it useful for this season, next season, and many more to come.

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