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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Rolling Cabinets and Active Learning

For nearly twenty years, American education has been under great duress, with teachers and administrators feeling the pressure to raise scores on academic achievement. But sadly, in order to provide teachers with more instructional time in the classroom, activities such as recess and physical education have been greatly diminished. For example, many of the elementary […]

Reviving the Content of Their Character

Today marks an important moment in history for several reasons. Certainly the most prominent event is the president’s second and final inauguration, scheduled for the late morning and early afternoon. However, there is also a great deal of attention given to the day itself, which we have come to observe as Martin Luther King Jr. […]

Virco Goes Old School

Over the years, students and teachers have learned that metal desks are not always the best product solutions for their classroom furniture. Metal legs typically have plastic cups and extensions that get kicked around throughout any given day, causing the desk to eventually wobble and rock to the discomfort of the user. Virco has been […]

Let Virco Kick Off the New Year

This week, students go back to school and teachers regroup. With educators, the biggest responsibility in the first few days after a break has always been about motivation; for themselves and for their students. Two weeks off has the potential to knock the wind out of anyone’s academic drive. Rest and relaxation alone is good […]