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Let Virco Kick Off the New Year

This week, students go back to school and teachers regroup. With educators, the biggest responsibility in the first few days after a break has always been about motivation; for themselves and for their students. Two weeks off has the potential to knock the wind out of anyone’s academic drive. Rest and relaxation alone is good for energy, but adding excess amounts of food (pie after pie after pie) creates an entirely different state of mind. You know what we’re talking about.

This is where administrators come in. Across the country, many schools will hold “family meetings” on the first day of the week while students won’t return until Tuesday. These family meetings are a gathering of teachers and staff members with a central goal of preparing everyone for the second and last half of the school year. Since many of these meetings will be half or full day events, teachers need comfortable seating. In school after school, Virco has set the ultimate standard for comfortable seating.

Virco 8917 Stack Chairs are upholstered with an H-Brace and Tubular Steel Cross Support. Each chair has a plastic stack bumper and a rounded back with a 2″ Dome Seat. Multiple chairs for big events can be gathered and stacked with a Virco HCT789 Chair Truck, holding a capacity of up to 12 seats. Each hand cart can be used for universal stack chairs. Unlike storage carts, which support the weight of the furniture entirely with structural steel, hand trucks rely on the strengh of the operator to balance the load.

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