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Rolling Cabinets and Active Learning

For nearly twenty years, American education has been under great duress, with teachers and administrators feeling the pressure to raise scores on academic achievement. But sadly, in order to provide teachers with more instructional time in the classroom, activities such as recess and physical education have been greatly diminished. For example, many of the elementary schools in Florida have entirely banned recess from the schedule in order to accommodate third, fourth, and fifth grade preparations for FCAT testing.

Fortunately, not all schools in the country are taking the challenge as a negative. The principal of a school in Saint Paul, Minnesota made a massive investment when he purchased treadmills and portable pedals to be used for students during reading and math. This allows children the freedom to stay focused while burning off that locked up energy that they once used during recess. Turns out, the approach works. Scores are up, children look forward to school, and their ongoing physical activity changes the dynamic of the classroom.

Of course, if you’re a teacher, chances are that your principal doesn’t have treadmills on the budget for this or next year’s agenda. That doesn’t mean you have to keep the students stationary. One of the ways you change the classroom experience for your students is to change the classroom furniture, even if ever so slightly. Take the Rolling Cabinet from Diversified Woodcrafts. Have something to pass out? Put it on the Rolling Cabinet and have two of your students roll it around the classroom. The next time, have two other students take the job and so on.

When you, as an educator, begin to think of little ways to get your students moving, other ideas come to mind as well. Suddenly, your classroom is a place for active learning. The Rolling Cabinet is just one small way to get your wheels turning (pun intended).

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