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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Working on a Metaphor, Literally

Breaking news. A stable economy. A steady rhythm. These are just a few of the metaphors we use as a part of our daily conversations. We speak in metaphors because they help us describe our experiences and our feelings. Perhaps this helps explain why Virco created a collection of chairs and chair desks called the […]

Charles Perry and the Virco Virtuoso Series

To say that Charles Perry was an innovative chair designer would be a testament of his great skill, but it would ultimately downplay such a grand career that spanned well beyond the ergonomics of modern furniture. Perry was born at the beginning of the Great Depression, yet grew into one of the most intuitive sculptors, […]

Invest in the Virco Core-a-Gator

We admit it. Core-a-Gator sounds like a tool for dealing with alligators in the Everglades. And while that probably seems incredibly interesting, we’d like to believe that the actual Virco Core-a-Gator is much more useful in the world of school furniture. A number of years ago, Virco introduced a lightweight folding table to the furniture […]

From One Mobile Cabinet to Another

Four months after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the coastline of New Jersey and parts of New York, Governor Chris Christie has organized what he calls “mobile cabinets” that are designed to help aid communities that are still struggling to get on their feet. “The idea here,” says Christie, “is to get into the communities that have […]

Virco Turns Your Students into Jr. Executives

Giving students a sense of ownership over their belongings and their space is a great idea, but not always easy in practice. We want our kids to feel empowered, but still respectful of the authorities placed over their supervision. To manage our own natural apprehensions, we must gradually provide our teenage students with the type […]

Students Becoming Teachers in the Classroom

Pushing young students to excel can be a serious challenge for teachers. But for those teenagers who work at Thelma B. Johnson Early Learning Center in Kentucky, not only are they exceeding expectations, they’re learning to become educators and professionals. The program is designed to give approximately 30 high school seniors a chance to teach […]

Raising the Bar on Kindergarten Teachers and Students

Teaching Kindergarten is no day at the park. Not only are these teachers responsible for one of the most crucial phases of a child’s early development, but they must manage the unrefined social behavior of twenty or more students. Unless these children have already attended Preschool, many of them will arrive in Kindergarten without knowing […]

From the Citizens of Rome to the Virco Civitas

During the heights of the Roman Republic, a collection of citizens were once referred to as the cives, or civitas. Of course, most of the Latin or Greek words that were used in the ancient world have either been forgotten or modified with the evolution of modern language. What we do know about the civitas, […]

President’s Day Specials on Classroom Furniture

President’s Day gives those of us at a chance to highlight a few of our ongoing specials. Instead of offering a deal here and a deal there, one thing you can be sure of with is that our prices are always competitive, regardless of the holiday or the moment. The prices we brag […]

School Records, Student Security, and Classroom Furniture

From the moment each child enters Kindergarten (and sometimes preschool), they begin a student file that moves with them from year to year and school to school. These school records are powerful snapshots of a child’s successes and failures, as well as their potential for greater gains down the road. Ensuring the security of these […]