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Super Bowl XLVII, NASA, and the Science Classroom

superbowlxlviiSo you watched the Super Bowl from a couch in your living room. That’s nothing. Six astronauts just watched the Baltimore Ravens defeat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII from their seats on the International Space Station. Currently working at the ISS are two American astronauts, Kevin Ford and Tom Marshburn, as well as Canadian Chris Hadfield and Russians Evgeny Tarelkin, Oleg Novitskiy, and Roman Romanenko, all making up Expedition 34. According to NASA, however, no one knows for sure whether the crew played their own zero-gravity game before the Super Bowl. What we do know is that the ability to watch a globally televised game from space is quite a remarkable event in itself.

Science teachers may not necessarily see themselves as athletes and jocks looking for their day in the NFL spotlight, but they may well be fans of the sport. So will many of their students. Preparing science students for careers in aeronautics, engineering, or science research begins in the classroom with the strategic arrangement of classroom furniture. And since none of us on earth can create a floating classroom in space (not yet at least), we’re relegated to use the best classroom furniture available, from companies like Virco that are committed to comfort, quality, and sustainability.

The best science classrooms in the world today are filled with Virco 12120 Lab Stools, reaching as high as 30″ fixed height. So while you may not be floating, you can certainly rise above the rest of the room through the help of this valuable Virco product.

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