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Virco Protects Your Computer, Makes Classroom Furniture More Accessible

classroomcomputersThere’s no question that young children are using more and more computers in the classroom. And why shouldn’t they? Our society is full of 21st Century mobile technology, ranging from laptops and Kindles to iPhones and Blackberries. But while most adults are focused on thee many forms mobile communications, our children are, more often than not, still using stationary technology. Namely, standing CPUs and big screens.

So when we arrange our classroom furniture to account for desktop computers, one thing teachers always run into is the kicking feet syndrome. The younger the child, the more likely they are to kick their feet while sitting at a table with the computer. Inevitably, this leads to damaged computers, since the CPU rests just underneath the table where the children sit. Virco took this into account when they designed a way to elevate those CPUs off the ground and away from the swinging feet of little users.

Among their T87CPU Computer Table Accessories, Virco now offers a CPU Holder from among the Virco 8700 Series & Virco 87PF Series Leg. Offering the most reasonable price for a crucial part of your classroom furniture, is the only way to ensure you receive the biggest savings on the web.

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