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Inspire Reading with the Virco Activity Table

activitytableAs we all know, reading is typically a love-it-or-hate-it activity. For adults, sometimes we simply don’t have the time or the energy to sit down and read for fun, so we connect reading with work and obligations. Many children have the same knee-jerk reaction when they’re coming up through elementary school. They are told to read for class, for homework, or for quiet time, so they grow to despise the thought.

For Donna Grabner, who works at Oak Park Elementary School in Northern Pennsylvania, these children are referred to as the “anti-readers”; those who say, “I hate reading” or “Give me anything else to do besides reading.”

After several years of hitting walls, Grabner came up with an incentive plan that turned the tide of reading enthusiasm. Each child was challenged to read at least 20 minutes each night, then come in the next day to track their own individual progress. A class that was successful in reaching specific goals were rewarded by “traveling” to different countries without ever leaving the classroom. Native food would be brought in for each unique country that was being explored.

To encourage the children toward reaching these targets again and again, Grabner arranged her classroom furniture around a table with various foods and products that would inspire not only some valuable discussion, but even more reading.

The best kind of product for this type of inspiration in the elementary classroom is a half-moon shaped activity table, built by Virco. From the Virco 4000 Series, these tables are 48″ Deep with a 72″ Wide Kidney, Laminate PC Top, and Adjustable Leg Height of 22″ to 30″.

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