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The State of the Union and the State of Classroom Furniture

Tonight, President Obama will speak to the nation in his annual State of the Union Address. Some will tune in. Others will tune out. But teachers of reading, science, or social studies have often used political events as an opportunity to introduce young minds to the practice of speech, communication, and history. What teachers choose to do in the classroom is certainly up to the individual educators, but would like to take this moment to highlight a big issue regarding the State of Classroom Furniture.

For the better part of the last four years, we know that school districts and even private schools have been tightening their purse strings and holding off on excessive spending. Believe us, we know.

But along the way, schools and districts have gradually picked up some steam, raising pay again for teachers and contemplating other expenses that may have fallen by the wayside for a few years. We’d like to encourage administrators to evaluate the condition of their school furniture. In particular, the chairs that students are using day after day.

The Virco Civitas Series, for example, is designed to be the next generation of classroom seating. The Virco CZ18 gives flexible ergonomic support all while offering classic style. This model is a four-legged option that can stack 4 high. Ideal for high schools and cafeteria venues. And most importantly for your bottom line, these chairs are affordable.

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