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Valentine’s Day: Reminding us that Art Matters

As children, we have little sense about falling in love or even the possibility of a lifelong commitment and marriage. What we know, instead, is that Valentine’s Day means a chance for tasty treats, sharing a few cute cards with our friends, and enjoying a day of artful creativity. Art teachers get a little more spotlight on Valentine’s Day, since they tend to provide the most unique assignments from February to February.

Hearts in red and pink. Snowflakes dripping with chocolate. You name it and kids want a chance to draw it. Some even want the opportunity to paint it. But to really explore a child’s creative side, they need space to work. More importantly, they need to feel like young artists. Enter the SHAIN Art Horse.

The SHAIN Art Horse is 29 inches long x 33 inches high (Back) x 12 inches wide (Seat). The art horse is not only beautiful, but sturdy for restless children who have a hard time adjusting to different seats. The entire premise behind the SHAIN Art Horse is student comfort and convenience, proven by the grooved 15″ seat that accommodates up to 24″ x 30″ drawing boards. Constructed of solid maple and finished with an earth-friendly UV finish, you won’t beat the SHAIN Art Horse so that next year’s students can have a great place to design their 2014 Valentine’s Day cards.

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