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From the moment each child enters Kindergarten (and sometimes preschool), they begin a student file that moves with them from year to year and school to school. These school records are powerful snapshots of a child’s successes and failures, as well as their potential for greater gains down the road. Ensuring the security of these files is of the utmost importance to teachers and administrators; a confidence that begins with the quality of classroom furniture.

At the beginning of each year, teachers receive a big box with the names and files of their incoming students. This provides an opportunity to glimpse into the previous year’s work as well as the achievement from earlier years. But once those records have been viewed and considered in preparation for the new year, educators need a solid, locked storage unit for protecting every single piece of paper contained within those folders.

Virco not only supports the premise of absolute student security, but they’ve provided several cabinets to service the need. For example, Virco lateral files are for perfect for storing letters and legal size documents, which are typically the dimensions of a student’s record. Each drawer in the cabinet has a locking mechanism, ball-bearing slides and fully extendable drawers. Virco also offers other Lateral filing cabinets, depending on the number of student records that need to be secured.

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